What We Do

Concrete Construction

• Footings

• Foundations

• Tilt-ups

• Everything!

Onset FinancialExample of......

  • Project design originally called for 2 stories

  • Additional floor was added at takeoff

  • Basement is part of the tilt-up

  • All panels are exposed wood-form liners using real Douglas fir rough-cut 1x6s

Urban GroveExample of.....

  • Highest panel was 62 feet

  • Our guys are fast – it only took them 18 minutes to stand each panel

  • Some panels were built using Douglas fir 1×6 form liners

  • Notice the recess between the window openings at the 3rd level

RitzExample of.....

  • 100,000-square foot podium deck

  • 16-inch slab

21 By UrbanaExample of.....

  • Multistory parking garage with a podium deck

  • Exposed wood form liner

  • Concrete walls on the first floor (will have to verify this is what he meant)

Draper VistaExample of.....

  • 125,000 square foot podium deck

  • Wood-frame apartments are above the concrete structure


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